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tena talks

Feb 22, 2019

Episode 18 was one I had never planned to have SO much impact. Your messages have brought me to my knees my friends. I never would have imagined that on the others side of the storm Preston and I walked through, we would be having these conversations with close friends and mere acquaintances. I get that the mess is hard to share, that posting on social media about your troubles is faux pas but it doesn't have to be, actually it might be exactly what you or someone else you love needs. Please (yes, I am begging you) do not keep your troubles to yourself, reach out, seek help. 

You may be right in the eye of the storm and while you are reading this you are thinking 'oh it worked out for them, but not us.' - girl, I was there. I was SO there. The stories (lies) I was telling myself were no different than the ones you are saying, try me.

Now don't get me wrong, every day is not a stress-free pile of gushy love letters. We have our moments, but the D word is no longer in our vocab - we took it out of the Pettis Family dictionary.

Because of all of your messages, this week on the podcast I bumped out the plan because I knew I wasn't ready to move on from this topic, and neither were you. I also knew I was not equipped to answer all of your Q's, my story is my own, and although it can offer hope, your story is unique to you. So I called in an expert on the topic. Someone that has worked with couples in trauma and watched them slowly walk into restoration. 

Thank you Danielle Ruff for taking a moment to so gracefully share with us some tools and words to use when in the valley of marriage. 

A resource that was mentioned is '8 Dates' by John Gottman. I can't want to dive into this book. 


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