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tena talks

Feb 28, 2023

I've got 10 different types of email subjects lines (with examples) for you on today's show! 

Here they are: 

  1. Urgency.
  2. Curiosity.
  3. Personalization.
  4. Benefit-focused.
  5. Social proof.
  6. Question.
  7. Numbered lists.
  8. Storytelling.
  9. Humor.
  10. Emojis.
Tune in and I will give you details of each! 

- tena pettis 

Feb 20, 2023

As entrepreneurs, what can we learn from the show Shark Tank -- even if you have NO plans to have an investor or sell your company? 

I've got 3 BIG takeaways for you on today's episode. I have a feeling you will be able to take action immediately! 

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