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tena talks

Mar 27, 2022

Are you on the gram? I sure hope so! Let's dive in to what is next for you! 

First things first: 
1. Set-up your bio
2. Photo of YOU
3. Get your link set-up, I use

Let's talk features: 
1. Newsfeed
2. Stories
3. Reels
4. Live
5. Highlights

What to post: 
1. Niche specific content
2. Valuable Content - this is important to know WHAT you ideal client needs to learn
3. Aesthetically pleasing graphics + photos

When to do it: 
1. Daily - it is rare I don't have content going out somewhere. 

A couple of people I love to follow when it comes to instagram knowledge: 

Let's connect! You can find me anywhere online at tenapettis. Even more specifically on the gram at: and/or email